We Built It . . . On A Foundation of Lies

It's strange to think that our country could be on the verge of electing outright liars to the highest offices in the Untied States of America.  Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan seem to have allergies related to the truth.  In a sense however, they are less to blame than the people who vote for them, because there really is no hidden agenda with that pair.

Both of these leaders have told us all how they intend to screw the majority of the population over.  While, I know that most people who follow politics know this stuff, I will run down some of the biggest whoppers told by the Republican nominee and his sidekick.  Better yet, I'll let you here the lies from the candidates themselves:

Now, those who are so adamant about electing Romney should remember the last time they thought they were making the right choice for president.  Bush wasn't that smart, his college grades reflected as much;  Bush was an recovering alcoholic; Everything Bush touched failed, including America, but all of those staunch republicans believed in him, as if he was the second coming of Christ.  In other words, they bought the Bushit and then they bought it again all because he was the man in charge when the 9/11 attacks occurred.

So, one would think that these people would have learned a lesson from this mistake, but seeing how Mitt Romney has surrounded himself by so many of the same people who helped make Bush's 8 year debacle, the failure that it was tells a different tale.  Worse still is the fact that Romney isn't even trying to hide the terror that he would unleash on America.  He is campaigning on a platform that instills in me (in me at least) more fear than any terrorist has or could.  While this statement may sound extreme, think about it.  The wealth in this country has gone to the wealthy and Romney wants to increase this policy.  America will be both the most broke and rich country in the world.

And his pick for Vice President is probably worse, because at least Mitt Romney will go in the direction that is the most beneficial to him.  Paul Ryan on the other hand pushed a budget that turned Medicare into a voucher plan that wouldn't fully cover the elderly; he was than ostracized by so many, including American Bishops and nuns, but this didn't stop him.  He pulled a Bennie Hill and slapped a new label on the garbage he tried to serve the public just last year.  And guess what . . . He could end up being president without being elected.  Don't worry, Romney seems very fit, so hope for the best, but expect the worst, because the cRyan Game could be the last one we play as the strongest economy on Earth.

And, oh yeah Paul Ryan lied about who was at fault for the downgrade of America's credit rating. Paul Ryan has so many lies it's hard to gather them all and put them into a blog. Besides this fact, everyone has heard him speak and have either chosen to ignore the facts which dispute what Ryan says or they simply are not paying attention: Like the Republicans, these people for some irrational reason, simply want Obama out of office, America be damned.


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