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I called House Speaker John Biehner today to ask him why his party is trying to repeal Obama's HCR Act.  I don't understand why the Republicans would waste Taxpayer dollars fighting a battle that they cannot win, especially when they aren't even offering an alternative.  There are much more pressing matters that deserve their attention and I believe that this first "BIG" act from the GOP is sign of things to come:  More problems and fewer solutions.  When I called his number however, I got his answering machine which might not have been so bad except for the fact that his answering machine has an answering machine and that machine was full of messages and couldn't take mine.  Go figure.

Term Limits: How about Familia Limts?

I've heard people talk about term limits for political office and while this is all well and good, I believe it does not go far enough.  How about limiting the number of consecutive terms members of a particular family can be in office.  I for one do not look forward to having another Bush as President; in this case I imagine it will be Jeb in 2016.  I also believe that the Bush family might have chosen to endorse Jeb as opposed to the one "We the People" suffered through from 2000 to 2008.  I think that in the particular example that I have mentioned, the country would be spared the indulgences of a clan that only seeks to promote its own self interests and the worst part of it is that they get away with it.  When is starting a war, based on lies and deceit not the action of a criminal?