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Welfare State


Racist Rick and the Republicans


Ideas to Provide Local Support for the Coming Demostrations to Win Back Our Democracy

Some Ideas to Wrest the American democracy from control of corporations and the elite.


1) Build a network of local and small businesses through the following:
A) Build network of consumers who need the products or services of local businesses: This has the effect of creating demand for the business, while building trust and loyalty from the business.
I) Advertise: local newspapers (The Penny Saver, The Miami Herald, etc.)
II) Word of mouth of those members of the organization, employees (this could serve as their 1 hour of donated time) (To Regain American Democracy)

B) Require 10% of the profit (once the demand increases: A baseline needs to be established prior to committing to providing support)

2) Identify, Target and Hold accountable the elite and corporate leaders (the “job creators”)

3) Start community farms:
A) These mini farms can be planted on small plots that homeowners are willing to plant gardens in and can rec…

Rebuild the American Dream