America in decline...Can we stop it?

As those in the one percent of the one percent play with the stock market in an attempt to pilfer the last  $1000 dollars that most America can't even save for an emergency (, America moves ever so closer to moral, social, economic and environmental collapse, the last two impacting the entire planet to varying degrees.  When certain Chinese debt is considered less risky than its American counterpart around the world,
 ( a sincere and thorough investigation of America's financial viability into the future is warranted.  As some countries seek to usurp the dollar as the World's reserve currency, while others away from the Petrodollar, ( America's influence and practices around t…
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001Confession of an Economic hitmanBookJohn Perkins on AmazonVI

002How America Made ISISArticleHuffington PostVI

003Armed Fake Protester Planted By Oil CompanyVideoYoutubeVIII

004400 Richest AmericansWikipediaWikipedia2

005Nestl‚ CEO Peter Brabeck says water is not a right.InterviewYoutube5

006The incredible shrinking cereal boxArtic…
Solutions: Enough complaining. Let's fix America

The above link is to the Introduction and the first chapter of my "Solution: Enough complaining. Let's fix America.  I for one have grown tired of the endless complaints seen on the news every night.  By now, we all know what the problems are.  What we need are answers and that is why I wrote my book.  If interested in reading the entire book, please contact me at

People make up a nation

A country only exists because of the people who created it: No country existed before people settled there and named it. Today, countries only exist because of the people within. If a country fails its people it has failed to fulfill its only real purpose: 1) 40 million face food insecurity in America everyday, while Jeff Bezos sits on $150,000,000,000 (that's 150 billion dollars) and earns $250,000,000 (that's 250 million dollars everyday. While Bezos has failed to exhibit any Humanity, America has failed to stop such abhorrent behavior as that exhibited by Bezos. 2) America has incarcerated 2.3 million people, many for non-violent drug offenses and some for life, for stealing things like $153 dollars of compact discs. 2.3 million people is more people than were enslaved at the height of slavery in 1850 as well as 25% of those incarcerated on the entire planet. America only holds 5% of the entire planets population, but it incarcerates 25% of the planets imprisoned people. 3)…

Greed Over People . . . GOP

It seems odd to me that all of those Christian activists (from the 80s) who complained so much about backward, demonic lyrics in rock and roll and rap songs don't seem to have an issue with all of the overt advertisements that tell people to be bad.  It seems quite hypocritical that they took groups like Judas Priest to court over some muddled message that could only be understood if you played the record backwards, but not said a word about advertisements that openly attempt to influence the public.

Think about this:  It is a marketing firms job to get people to believe the message in their commercials and they are advertising bad behavior.  It's not their job to possibly influence behavior or maybe get a few people to lean towards whatever product they're peddling.  It is their job to get as many people as possible to not only buy the product, but to also buy the implied way of life that their product promises . . . and it works.  Otherwise, we would not have lines aroun…

Democratic Downfall

America has been an enduring and shining beacon for democracy throughout the world.  It has been an exemplary template for other countries that sought to create a democratic society that suited their needs, culturally and spiritually.  This has been America’s destiny since its inception, at which point our founding fathers declared our collective independence from a monarch who only served himself.  In recent decades however, our democracy has been hijacked by an elite few who would have all Americans serve their selfish needs.  These individuals only motivation is greed that takes the form of love for money, the need for power and the desire to dominate all others.  It is a game to them, in which the winner takes all and the ends justifies the means, no matter what those means entail.  In their cynical, twisted view of the world, all others will bow down to them, be diminished by them or perish at their hands.
    Where this downward spiral of America began is uncertain, but if …

Who's policing the police?

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As frustrating as the decision of grand jury in Ferguson was, America must face a much larger issue: An issue that's not only festering, but seems to be metastasizing in large cities around the United States of America.  It is an underlying illness with symptoms that manifest in decisions made by Darren Scott on the day that Michael Brown died, and choices made by George Zimmerman in regards to Trayvon Martin.  Though these acts do warrant reaction(s), they are merely the result of actions taken or lack thereof by our current leadership.

As with any behavior, those bad behaviors that go unpunished might as well be labeled as good behaviors.

When bankers lie and commit fraud to not only enrich themselves, but to also cause harm to others and their punishment is to be allowed to change the laws in such a manner as to legalize their thefts, the majority suffers.When prison corporations invoke their ability to lobby for laws that legalize a