Letter to DNC

Republicans push state laws when national push fails

If the Democrats were true leaders they would currently be addressing those people who are affected by unfavorable, new, state laws that have been passed and those people who will be affected by state laws that will most likely pass by GOP governors and republican state legislations. If Democrat had vision, they would be drawing comparisons to these state laws and those that national GOP leaders tried to pass in congress; failing only because they do not currently have the numbers to get their radical and harmful bills passed into law.

Democrats should be addressing those U.S. citizens who have been affected by these Republican laws that hurt everyone except the wealthy and they should be addressing those that will be affected in the near future (prior to 2012) by bills that are being brought up by GOP leadership in various states. National Democratic leaders should be made the case that, had the Republicans in Washington had the majority, these hateful bills to cut services to the poor, education for the children and Medicare, the national equivalent of Medicaid would be terminated and replaced with the Ryan plan voucher system. National Democratic leaders should be pointing out that have failed to cut Medicare, national Republican leaders counterparts in the states (Governors, state senators and state representatives) are cutting funding for Medicaid all the while providing tax cuts for businesses and easing environmental demands that limit how much business can pollute.

If Democratic leaders were smart, they would be telling all Americans to verify that all of their voter registration requirements should be met and current in time for the 2012 elections: They should be doing this because of all the bills that state Republican leaders have either passed or are trying to pass that will effectively eliminate large portions of various demographics that normally vote democratic. They should be correlating these state actions to those actions of national Republican leaders to show Americans that the only reason they have not cut funding for education, eliminated Medicare and other programs that help people in need is because they did not win a majority in the Senate and they do not have the presidency.

Democrats should be pointing out how different the country would be if the Republicans had won the Senate and how different it will be if they win the presidency and the Senate in the coming year(s). Failing to do any of those things mentioned above, could give the GOP just enough play to convince staunch, middle class and poor republican voters that their leaders actually are looking out for their benefit.

If Democrats allow Republicans to come back strong in 2012, I will have to register Independent, having lost all faith in the Democratic agenda, which seems to be to do nothing or following whatever protests they see gathering momentum.


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