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R.A.D. Dictionary

ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) noun
1.    An nonpartisan, Republican organization that facilitates the buying and selling of legislators or legislation.
2.    Defunct, debunked, lie

1.   An ecological disaster created by a few corporations and industrialists to satisfy their greed.

1.    Republican Party doctrine which states that there is no need to help the needy.  It requires that services meant to individuals (the poor, elderly, disabled) not be provided:  Whether seeking funds to attain a degree higher than primary education or loans to start a business or simply funds to avoid becoming homeless, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENTS forbids any such attempts.
2.    A Christian philosophy according to republican leaders like Paul Ryan, a self-admitted follower of atheist author Ayn Rand who now denies his praise for her.

Democratic Partynoun
1.    A political party that watches the Republican party screw over everyone …