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Step up you Billionaires

If the theory that most of the world's wealth is possessed by so few than those Billionaires need to step up to the plate of humanity and knock one out of the park. There is no longer any need to hold onto your money so tightly: YOU HAVE IT ALL! And now that you do it will slowly become worthless. Or have you already made plans to switch over to a new form of currency? Are we going back to a modified system of slavery? One that isn't known as such? Interesting. . . Anyway, now that you hold all of the chips, the game is over. Why should the rest of us play by your rules? Measures must be taken to show us that you do still consider yourselves part of the Human Race. I am not saying to become philanthropists, but you could help those lowly millionaires increase the size of their coffers by giving them little projects to do here and there. Have them build a shrine in your image. Nothing too guady, maybe a statue that could date Lady Liberty and not feel self-consciou…