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I M Getting Organized

My apologies for not updating the "Stories Page" as well as the "Dreams Page" I have been focused on producing an audition tape for a new show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. I have updated the "Stories Page" with the next installment of my story "Choices" and I will be updating the "Dreams Page" on Monday.

I will try to update IM2 Opinionated every weekday. Eventually, I will provide a schedule for the various topics that will be addressed on the blog. As far as the daily topic is concerned, these will be discussed on the "Home Page" and will be transferred to their respective page once a new article is posted.

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I would love to have my OWN show

I started this blog as a way to get my opinions heard, because I believe that …

I would love my OWN TV show

I started this blog as a way to get my opinions heard, because I believe that not enough is said about what is wrong with the way our world is going. Corporations are running the world, an idea with which I do not inherently have an issue. The problem I do have is that too many of these corporations get away with things that they simply should not be allowed to get away with. British Petroleum (BP) is being treated with kid gloves, because ". . .we need them to clean up their mess." Well, of course we need them to clean up their mess, but why do we have to be nice about it? Is BP going to pack up its business and take it elsewhere? Who's a bigger glutton for oil than the great U.S. of A? I don't think so, but what BP will take away from those people living through this tragedy, our country and the world in general is immeasurable. To me BP and the subsequent treatment of this disaster will simply serve to represent yet another time that big business got away…


Now, I might not be the most religious guy in the room. I just haven't found one that I felt comfortable believing, but I do feel that I am spiritual. I believe that their is something out there that created us (mankind) or at least had a hand in our creation, but omnipotence and omniscience is a stretch for me. However this higher power rules or guides or treats us is less important to me than how we treat one another. Wouldn't it make sense that if our creator deemed us as his favorite, he or it would want us to treat one another with respect and kindness? Or maybe this almighty doesn't want us to get along. Maybe this life is some kind of stress test for the next one and if that is the case, I don't want any part of it. Personally, I believe that kindness breeds kindness, no matter what religion you belong to. I believe that whatever you put out there comes back to you, and this is actually the point of today's daily observation. What if the America and…