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Mean Creeps In

I don't care which political party you believe in, when policies seem to be mean spirited, you might want  to heed that nagging voice in the back of your head:  That's your conscience telling you that there is a disconnect between what our leaders say and what your morality demands of them.

I know that we all have our sinful moments (I know I've had mine), but there's a difference between stealing candy as a child and leaving millions out in the cold.  What I am referring to is the new wave of political leaders who seem to deem all people in need as parasites:  How else could they justify their attempts to cut unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps, medicare benefits.  How else could they justify a position requiring budget cuts of equal value before any disaster relief funds are to be released?

Most recently, a Congressman named Todd Akins tried to differentiate between what he calls illegitimate and legitimate rape, which would place blame on the victim.  While …

Help Injured Veterans Get The Assistance They Deserve

While the U.S. defense budget continues to skyrocket, those who have served our country in the most important way, languish under mounting paper work. Whether their injuries are physical or mental, our veterans deserve the support of the country they defended.

We have an able-bodied workforce that is waiting for the opportunity to prove their worth. Let's give the long-term unemployed the chance to help . . . Our servicewomen and men and themselves. That's why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama. Will you sign this petition?

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Politics Affect on Hurricane Preparedness

This is the speech I gave this past Saturday August 18th at Storm Expo 2012.
Hello, I would like to address the ways in which politics play a role in hurricane preparedness.
Fortunately, we have not experienced any hurricanes in South Florida thus far this year and hopefully, we will be spared this fate for the remainder of the season.As for believing that we will never be faced with the devastation that a hurricane can cause, no one here is that naive.The best we can do is to mitigate the potential damage by being as prepared as we possibly can be when the next storm strikes.
Having emergency supplies on hand can greatly reduce the pain of loss as well as mean the difference between life and death.If municipal water supplies are cut off or contaminated, a set aside of five gallons of water can not only provide the sustenance a family may need, but also serve to buoy their spirits until assistance can arrive; If that five gallons runs out, bleach can be used to decontaminate any susp…

"It can't happen to me." . . . Until it happens to you

As voter suppression laws are passed in states where republicans control a majority of all branches of state governments, something occurs to me.  Why are republican voters not standing up in opposition to these illogical, illegitimate and immoral laws?  The obvious answer is that these actions could guarantee a win for their presidential candidate, but there could be another reason:  A reason that has been primarily ignored by the media.  In my humble opinion, I believe that republican voters have remained mum on this matter, because it does not affect them.
Why the major news outlets have not  given a voice to this possibility is of less importance than what tolerance of tactics that circumvent our Democracy mean for our country.  This reluctance to stand up for "other" people's rights has been seen throughout history.  It was this attitude of "looking the other way" that allowed the Nazi's to kill so many Jewish people and "others" who did not …