Are the Republicans Representing the "Will" of the People?

The GOP claims that the Health Care Reform Repeal Bill is the mandate that was implied by the results of the past mid-term elections, but is this truly what the American public wants.  While some may not be completely satisfied with the watered down version of the Health Care Reform Act (no public option)  that did pass, it was at minimum a step in the right direction.  For far too long, America's Health Care system have failed too many of its citizens and the strides that the Obama administration has made in this regard is a welcomed change to what "We the People", got the 8 years prior (war, debt, reduction in the middle class).  In my humble opinion, when all of those fixtures on Capitol Hill complain and fight so adamantly, as the Republicans and Big Business have, against ideas such as those proposed by the Obama administration, the ideas must be helping wrong people (in the Republicans eyes).  These bills and reform acts must be actually helping the people of this country and somehow harming those entities that put us in this downward spiral in the first place.

Now, I apologize for that long preamble, but it all relates to the reasons that I believe the Republicans are leading this country further into the muck that GW mixed up with his non-truths and deceit.  If the Republicans had a shot at actually getting the HCR Act repealed than I might not have as much of a problem with the actions since taking control of the House.  The fact remains that their HCR repeal bill will most likely not pass the Senate and has a snowballs chance in Hell of avoiding a VETO by the President.  In essence, the Republicans are fighting a battle that should not be undertaken and one that they cannot win and isn't that what we did in Iraq.  Why are they so willing to put so much time and effort into something as futile as this repeal bill?  Could it be that they are posturing for their constituents;  showing that they they are fighting the evil Obama Care?  Could this all be a smoke screen to hide the fact that they don't have any remedies for our country, at least none that will help the majority of our population.

Another reason that their opposition to the HCR Act is troublesome is the fact that they don't have an alternative.  They do not have a Health Care Bill to present as a superior option to the one that the Obama Administration got approved.  They say that they will come up with a plan that is much more comprehensive, but Bush said there were WMDs in Iraq.  Can we really trust their promises?  Why wouldn't they come up with their own plan for Health Care before trying to take down the one that is in place:  A wise person once said,  "If you fail to plan, then you should plan to fail".  And this seems like poor planning on the Republicans part, but it really isn't, because too many Americans watch the "Dog and Pony" show, and miss the meaning behind it all.  The only thing that will be accomplished by the Republican parties efforts in repealing the HCR Act is that they will look like they tried their best, but the "powers that be" rejected their best efforts.  In two years, when the next Presidential election comes around they will make claims like:  "We tried to help the people, but Obama stopped us at every turn."  They don't even have to come up with a supposed better version of a Health Care Reform bill, because the one in place is stay.  All they have to do is to say that they opposed it.  Is that what is best for the American people?

Do we only want our representatives fighting battles that they cannot win so they can look like some kind of martyrs?  I don't believe this is the reason they were sent to Washington.  As a novel approach, the Republicans might try working on something that would benefit the people of this country; and not just the wealthy.  The wealthy have all that they need (financially);  that's why we call them wealthy, and they are not sharing.  If trickle down was going to work, it would have at least, shown signs of working by now and I for one do not see the signs.


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