The American Nightmare

The other night, I had the worst dream ever: The smallest of minorities in America had taken over the Government.  Neither party resisted this coup, but the republican party truly embraced the mandate of the rich, which was simply to drain all resources from the country and funnel them to the wealthy.  There was no philanthropic ideology referenced to justify the means used to impoverish 99% of the nation, there was only greed.

The weirdest aspect of this dream was that the Majority actually had the power to do avoid the pain and suffering that so many would eventually face, but most people seemed all too content to have their rights taken away as well as their money, homes, joy and liberty.  America was broken and appeared to be broke even though it had the same amount of wealth it always had.

Inequality in all facets of life was allowed to grow exponentially because many who thought they were part of the elite assumed that their money, cars and homes were safe.  What this complacent group realized all too late was that the same irrational mindset that drove the Uber rich to bleed the poor and the middle class of every last dime (nickles and pennies had become obsolete) caused billionaires to turn their sites on the smaller stacks of cash held by millionaires.  And just as unfortunately, billionaires fell to multibillionaires who had designs on the substantially larger (but not large enough) stacks of cash hoarded by these mere billionaires.  It was an easy game to win . . . at least it was easy for the one with the most wealth.  Like a game of poker, the stakes were simply raised until those without sufficient capital folded.

Homes were foreclosed then larger homes were sold short, as the philosophy of an author named Ayn Rand dictated that the best approach to life was to take all you could take, regardless of the consequences.  In a world view that this overrated writer believed should have shape humanity, those who sought to lead the masses abandoned traits like compassion and morality in favor of selfishness, lawlessness and fear mongering.  They deemed all people "in need" as parasites even though those people "in need" were some of the hardest working Americans;  education was an idea whose time had passed; home ownership proved to be the dream that never was; police, firefighters, teachers were considered the catalyst for the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression; actual speech (Occupy Wall Street) was suppressed and vilified, while money was considered "free speech"; corporations became people; the President was called a liar, was interrupted 48 time by Bill O'Reilly and had to endure the Governor of Arizona sticking her finger in his face, the Secretary of State's caravan was pummeled by rocks in the Middle East by people who were reacting to comments made by Michelle Bachmann and providing healthcare for all was compared to the attacks on Pearl Harbor and 9/11.  Worse than all of this however was the denial of science and the impact unfounded beliefs had on the closed system that Earth represents.

Processes related to a technique to extract natural gas (fracking) caused ground water sources to become flammable and were suspected as the cause of an unnatural increase in the number of Earthquakes in areas where such events were rare.  Billionaires bought land over gigantic aquifers in order to capitalize on a resource necessary to maintain life, while another billionaire built a nuclear waste dump over the third largest crop irrigating aquifer in the nation and others still polluted water sources where in one instance a neighborhood experienced deaths due to cancer at a rate of 73 percent.  Though everyone in the U.S. was required to properly dispose of their refuse, corporations were given a free pass to spew their waste into the atmosphere.

Trust me when I say this nightmare was as scary as a scenario could get.  The economy went Global and corporations took advantage of it by hiding profits in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes, outsourcing jobs, which drove down wages as employees worldwide made extreme concessions such as 50% pay cuts and no healthcare benefits in an attempt to appease the rich.  A myth called the "Job Creator" was born to justify giving the elite more upfront money (in the form of tax subsidies) for jobs they could choose to or not to create.

Politically, the Republican Party told voters how they intended to screw over the people, while the Democratic Party acted as conscientious observers in wars waged against the poor, the middle class, Blacks, Latinos, Women, Gays, Immigrants, Science, Reality, the Truth, Democracy, Liberty, Education, Public Sector Employees, Compassion, etc.

It was terrible . . . What?  It wasn't a dream?  I know, it was a nightmare . . . What?  It wasn't a nightmare either?

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