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American Desperation Leads To Nothing Good

With the shooting at the Family Research Council, I feel that we are seeing an initial attack against individuals and organizations that have fought for so long to deny the rights of other people, simply because they do not share the same values or have similar lifestyles.  It seems to me that you can only attack certain groups or people who have divergent beliefs and ideas for so long before those who have been victimized lash out against their tormentors.

Any individual, group or organization that has deemed it their calling to oppose basic rights to any other group, whether they be gay, black, poor or 'other' in any sense of the word, may want to rethink the logic behind their arguments:  First, denying a gay man or lesbian the right to marry shouldn't even be considered a legitimate pursuit when the economy is falling down all around us.  Secondly, how someone lives their life is that person's own cross to bear or gift to share, depending on what part of the countr…

The Unemployment Unemployed

I recently read an article about how those who are supposed to be finding the unemployed work are finding themselves unemployed.  The state referenced in this story was Michigan, where apparently, the job market is improving so much that the state has issued 400 layoff notices to many of it unemployment insurance agents.

My first thought was "If these agents get laid off before noon, do they use their lunch time to wait in line to apply for Unemployment Compensation?  After that however, I wondered how state officials in Michigan had determined that the job market had improved to the point that they could feasibly cut back on the staffing of unemployment insurance agencies?  While manufacturing has been making strides towards getting people gainfully employed, it didn't look as if those strides were great enough when I visited Detroit in October of 2011.  Parts of that city looked like it had been bombed out:  Broken windows outnumber those windows that were intact; the potho…

How cutting entitlements for the poor would affect us all

For anyone who thinks that cutting programs for the poor or, more accurately these days, the working poor, think again. As I drive around town and take note of the various neighborhoods in my city, I can't help noticing that they are all begining to look quite similar; at least in regards to one apesct.

Most neighborhoods have "For Sale" or "Foreclosure" signs in front of far too many homes for anyone to think that the Housing Market has recovered or will recover anytime soon. What this means for the other families in these neighborhoods is that their security is that much more compromised:  More homeless people means more desperate people:  People willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Now, add on top of this growing demographic of Americans who have lost their dreams to one big bank or another:  The poor, or working poor who could lose the assistance that "leaders" like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney seek to take away will have fewer mean with which…

Does Anyone Remember the Bush Years?

If you can't remember how bad George W. Bush was, here are some links that should remind us all of what we had to deal with and what we will HAVE to deal with if the "Axis of Evil" or, as republicans refer to them "Romney/Ryan" wins on November 6, 2012.  Click on the links below to read about Bush and then, come back and watch the videos.

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