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Class Warfare: Who's really waging it?

Lately, both side of the political aisle have been talking about class warfare and I thought it interesting that the book I've been reading for about a week now discusses just this issue and what possibly lies beneath the claims made by both the Democrats and the Republicans. The book is entitled "Get Up, Stand Up: Uniting Populists" and here is an excerpt:

The corporatocracy uses its money and power to try to persuade Americans that it is "populist demagoguery" to even bring up the subject of class war, and that populism means pandering to destructive prejudices. Fortunately, despite the corporactocracy's great efforts here, many don't buy it. In March 2009, a Rasmussen Reports poll reported that "55% of Americans Are Populist." They defined populist as trusting the American people's judgement more than America's political leaders, as seeing government and big business as political allies working against the interest of most p…