Just an update to my Romney Ryan campaign poster

So the republicans don't seem to mind Todd Akin's offensive remarks about what he calls "Legitimate Rape".  If they were truly opposed to what he said, why would they now be getting behind his campaign.  The GOP is corrupt and they aren't even good at hiding this fact.

While the say their new voter ID laws are to prevent voter fraud, the only cases of fraud being investigated are those created by consulting agencies employed by the RNC.  They continue to promote the idea of Trickle down, while this practice has only led to more inequality and wealth redistribution, which, by the way, they say they are opposed to so adamantly.  The idea of withholding emergency funds after a disaster comes from one of the leaders (Eric Cantor) of the republican party.  Their candidate for president is for lower taxes on the wealthy and higher taxes for the middle class down.  The list goes on and on and on and the republican tactic is to push a bunch of bills that the public oppose and to continue pushing unpopular legislation until the voters are worn down.

So here is Todd Akin with his crazy idea about pregnancy through rape, and the GOP insists that it is not behind this viewpoint.  If this is true than which crazy ideas from Akin do they agree with because there are a plethora of wacky things to choose from, just look at this ad from McCaskill:


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