Stand Up or Stand By

    If our leaders refuse to take action, we must.  America is falling behind the rest of the world in so many ways it's difficult to name them all, but here are a few:  Our roads and bridges are catastrophes in waiting; poverty is on the rise after decades of supply side or trickle down economics; the banks have taken millions of homes away from families who now live in cars, motels or on the street; we incarcerate non-violent offenders and illegal immigrants at alarming rates that serve only to disenfranchise far too many of our fellow citizens; our laws seem to protect and represent only the most affluent in society more than not and seem immoral upon close scrutiny.  And, all the while, we're all forced to live by the actions of fewer than 600 people, who oftentimes have agendas which are not conducive to a cohesive, fair and compassionate leadership.

    We can sit, watch and wait as things continue to get worse for the majority or the people of the United States or we can rise up and demand an END to the favoritism that has become so apparent that one of the major parties has aborted any attempts to hide their misdeeds and harmful policies.  When you have legislators openly saying that funds for emergencies such as the tornadoes in Joplin Missouri should be withheld until budget cuts can offset those funds, we have bad leaders.  When we have elected officials who continue to support the idea of giving the wealthy and super wealthy even more money, we have misguided and downright idiotic politicians leading us.  When war is the first response considered by a man who hopes to be the Commander and Chief, we have a dangerous figurehead who is willing to put military profits over those who have pledged their lives (if necessary) to this country.  When anti-abortion bills out-number job creation legislation while 12 million people are still out of work, our leaders are focusing on policies that will resolve nothing.  For more details on any of these issues, please comment below to start the conversation or go through my previous posts, starting with the "My Mission" page on this blog.

    While, those issues I've pointed out may attack the policies of the Republicans more, I do not have that much faith in the Democratic Party, as it is comprised these days.  This view comes from my believe that the Republican Party is the party that tells us all how they're going to screw us over, and the Democratic Party is the party that watches the republicans screw us over.  This is why I'm seeking sponsors for what I call the "Really Rally' which is a forum where the audience is respectfully interactive and the only demands placed upon any speaker or candidate is that they one, present and promote good to great ideas and two, engage the audience in a manner that draws support from the majority of said audience.  For more information about these rallies, visit the "Really Rally: What is it?" page on this blog.

    In conclusion, I believe that the policies of the democrats are better for the country, but the policies and the direction that the Republican Party wishes to chart for the United States seems to be the way in which America is heading:  For this reason, people of the US better stand up against the Objectivist ideals of the Right or get used to the coming reality that there will be no help when you need it most.


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