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The World as Perceived, originally posted on June 13, 2010

The world as we know it is not true to more than one person at any particular time. There are absolutes, but these things most people understand only in the most rudimentary way. Those few who do possess the faculties to grasp the truest realities can no longer communicate or impart any knowledge of their understanding of the Universe or tie in their perceptions to those of lesser intellect. All that the rest of humanity can do is hope that all equations balance out. This might be less of a problem for most things that exist in this experiment of free will, but for those who choose to care, the balance ends when the past becomes the “Good Ole Days”. For most of humanity life was most joyous before doing anything of importance was considered a worthy pursuit. In the millions of seconds that lead up to any responsible act, whether it be a barrier broken; a hurdle cleared or a goal met; all achievements throughout history were, are and will have been tarnished by promised rewards. The second life’s clock differentiates between an individual’s time and that time owned by society true understanding of freedom is lost to all except the feeble-minded. As winded as most people might be by the passage of time, they never consider dropping out. The pull of the group’s will always circumvents the desire of the individual. Can life be fulfilled by the things with which we use to accessorize it? Has true happiness been found in any interactions other than those with one’s self or with those whom one surrounds one’s self? Are not those things that put the spit and polish to our self-image merely a means to the end previously mentioned? But do these accouterments of life enhance our understanding or perceptions of one another or do they simple blur the true nature of one’s true nature? Do we do just to do or do we do for our just deserts?


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