Why Our Leaders Represent Those Who Support Them

As a follow up to my previous posts "Common Sense and Complacency Parts 1 & 2", I thought I would offer my personal feelings as to why the American public does not get the representation they expect.  Besides all of the normal reasons; low voter turnout, misleading political ads, etc. I would put forth one more idea:  After being ignored by so much of the population, especially on the state, regional and local levels, candidates might find it difficult relating to the very same public they are supposed to represent.

As a simple example, imagine trying to become friends with as many people as you can, but only finding acceptance from a small sampling of those you try to befriend.  What would you do?  Would you continue to try to promote yourself or would you concentrate more on those individuals who at least seem receptive to your attempts?  Don't answer that.  We all know how human nature works.

Now, let's consider someone on the National Stage:  This person has had to move up through the ranks; running for local, then state offices and eventually making it to the office of U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator or POTUS (God forbid).  Along this journey, this imaginary candidate has had to campaign, schmooze, cajole and convince a myriad of people who could possibly stand behind their bid for higher office.

If the only demographic that is paying attention, in this scenario are the wealthy, then those are the people to whom our candidate will pander.  If, those with fewer resources, ie. the middle class and the poor pay little or no attention, fail to support the candidate in the only manner at their disposal (sheer numbers), why would any candidate pay them any mind?  Even if that candidate's intentions are or were to fight for the people, disillusionment could and most likely would get the best of his or her desires, goals, necessities.

What America needs to keep our leaders from turning to the Dark Side is to support them in all phases of their careers.  From the local dog catcher (if an elected position) to the Commander in Chief, these public servants, as do all people, need to know that their efforts are appreciated, lest they decide they're hard work entitles them to the gifts offered by their most generous donors.

For myself, I can only imagine that more than one public figure has made or thought the following:

"If I'm going to work so hard to get elected and the public is, for the most part ignoring me, then I deserve all of the perks from those who do support me."

- Imaginary Candidate, Anytown, USA


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