For those who don’t think the Republican Party is the party for racists and homophobes. THINK AGAIN

While, I will not go as far as to say that the Republican Party itself is racist, I will say that there must be some aspect of the G.O.P. that attracts individuals who believe themselves part of “the one and true” race created by GOD.  And this is why I am puzzled by Sheldon Adelson’s desire to promote the right-wing agenda.
Oh, I understand the greedy, vulture-like aspect of his support for Mitt Romney now and Newt Gingrich previously.  I fail however, to comprehend the fact that, tied to the financial gains he might feel entitled to and the expedience with which his legal troubles might disappear if a “new management” is placed in the White House in 2013 is White Supremacy.  Maybe Mr. Adelson feels that his wealth entitles him to be accepted as a member of the Arian Brotherhood.  I tend to think that the opposite would be true however and his fortune might tie him more closely to the stereotypical view the Arian Brotherhood reserve for Jewish people.
Again, I am not saying that the Republican Party itself is racist, but it seems a stretch to clam that a portion of its membership isn’t.  When there are so many instances of race baiting from those who sought the Presidency and just as many instances of those racist comments getting the biggest applause during the Republican Primary Race, it’s hard to believe otherwise.
It seems to me that, what Mr. Adelson and Harold Simmons (another billionaire supporting any GOP presidential candidate) fail to realize is that when people lose hope, they grasp at anything and anyone to blame for their plight:  All a charismatic speaker need do is find an incendiary source to ignite the fire.  In today’s divisive political environment, all of the Tea Party jokes about black people being lazy and a drain on our economy and gay people being a scourge opposed to “American Values” sounds a lot like the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler.
Perhaps the two gentlemen referenced above and any other Jewish billionaires pushing for a Republican-led America are okay with these types of attacks, because they are not levelled at Jews   Maybe they believe that they’ll escape unjust scrutiny for their success even if the racist underpinnings of the GOP were to leave the realm of the written or spoken word.  Ultimately however, racism is racism and hatred is hatred and given a foothold, both will infect, evolve and spread.
How this truly relates to the Republican Party, I could not fully say:  Perhaps there is some study that provides statistics, but a simple survey of the Internet or television (both right and left leaning) would provide a real world sampling of which political party draws out the most, hate-filled rhetoric. Whether it’s Gingrich calling Obama the first food stamp president or Rick Santorum saying he wants black people to learn to rely on themselves instead of the Government, or Michelle Bachmann’s allegations of a Muslim infiltration, there seems to be far more examples of racism in the G.O.P. than in the D.N.C. these days.*
One final point I might add is this:  Before World War II, Humanity did not have the example Hitler gave it.  I’m not saying that genocide, racism, slavery and a plethora of other inhumane acts didn’t exist before the Nazis.  I’m saying that Hitler left the supreme example of what could be accomplished through hatred and he did it all with words.

* - While, I do believe that racism exists in both political parties, I don’t seem to be able to find many from democratic leaders today.  I would appreciate links to examples of current, democratic leaders making statements that are or could be perceived as racist.  Just add the links to the comments section below.  Thank you


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