Why Our Leaders Represent Those Who Support Them

As a follow up to my previous posts "Common Sense and Complacency Parts 1 & 2", I thought I would offer my personal feelings as to why the American public does not get the representation they expect.  Besides all of the normal reasons; low voter turnout, misleading political ads, etc. I would put forth one more idea:  After being ignored by so much of the population, especially on the state, regional and local levels, candidates might find it difficult relating to the very same public they are supposed to represent.

As a simple example, imagine trying to become friends with as many people as you can, but only finding acceptance from a small sampling of those you try to befriend.  What would you do?  Would you continue to try to promote yourself or would you concentrate more on those individuals who at least seem receptive to your attempts?  Don't answer that.  We all know how human nature works.

Now, let's consider someone on the National Stage:  This person has …

For those who don’t think the Republican Party is the party for racists and homophobes. THINK AGAIN

While, I will not go as far as to say that the Republican Party itself is racist, I will say that there must be some aspect of the G.O.P. that attracts individuals who believe themselves part of “the one and true” race created by GOD.And this is why I am puzzled by Sheldon Adelson’s desire to promote the right-wing agenda. Oh, I understand the greedy, vulture-like aspect of his support for Mitt Romney now and Newt Gingrich previously.I fail however, to comprehend the fact that, tied to the financial gains he might feel entitled to and the expedience with which his legal troubles might disappear if a “new management” is placed in the White House in 2013 is White Supremacy.Maybe Mr. Adelson feels that his wealth entitles him to be accepted as a member of the Arian Brotherhood.I tend to think that the opposite would be true however and his fortune might tie him more closely to the stereotypical view the Arian Brotherhood reserve for Jewish people. Again, I am not saying that the Republican…

Common Sense And Complacency Pt. 2

Though this video was posted in October of last year (2011), the problems it addressed still persist to this day, and have only festered and grown worse in that time period. Not only do people continue to complain about our government, but it seems that some have accepted the fact that most of us will never get the type of representation that our founding fathers fought for over two hundred years ago.

Speaking to a younger man who is in his thirties, which is the new twenties according to advertisers, but seems more like the new teens, in my opinion, he said one of the most disconcerting things I’d ever heard. When I asked him how he thought America would turn itself around and become a country that strives to improve the lives of more than just the wealthy, his response was baffling:

“I know that some of us are going to have to kiss the asses of others and I know that most of our lives are going to suck. I don’t worry about that shit. I’m just trying to have fun.”
- Orgy

His nick…

Originally posted Oct . 31, 2011

Common Sense and Complacency Pt 1

Look for Part 2 tomorrow

R.A.D. Dictionary

ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) noun
1.    An nonpartisan, Republican organization that facilitates the buying and selling of legislators or legislation.
2.    Defunct, debunked, lie

1.   An ecological disaster created by a few corporations and industrialists to satisfy their greed.

1.    Republican Party doctrine which states that there is no need to help the needy.  It requires that services meant to individuals (the poor, elderly, disabled) not be provided:  Whether seeking funds to attain a degree higher than primary education or loans to start a business or simply funds to avoid becoming homeless, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENTS forbids any such attempts.
2.    A Christian philosophy according to republican leaders like Paul Ryan, a self-admitted follower of atheist author Ayn Rand who now denies his praise for her.

Democratic Partynoun
1.    A political party that watches the Republican party screw over everyone …

Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

With Obama coming out for gay marriage (sounds kind of funny). Let's look at our choices this November. While I do believe that there are republican leaders who do seek to help people out, I feel that they will never have the support of their party. With this in mind, let's look at how our choice for president should be considered later this year.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to help out the poor, while the republican party says that it wants to cut Medicare, Social Security.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to help out the middle class and the unemployed, while the republican party says that it wants to give more tax breaks to the rich and they want to shorten the time people can claim unemployment benefits.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to help out students, while the republican party says that it wants to double the interest rate on certain student loans.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to…

The Double Standards We Live By

The higher standards that some of our leaders place on their constituents never ceases to bewilder me, because these same standards don't seem to apply to them.As I was driving to drop the kids off at school this morning, I kept hearing stories about the impending FCAT.For those unfamiliar with this acronym, F.C.A.T. stands for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, which was initially intended to measure a student's academic achievement.Recently however, it also serves as a basis to rate the quality of the education at public schools as well as the quality of the teachers at those schools. One of the problems, as was reported in a story I listened to today is that the F.C.A.T. or at least version 2.0 which will be administered this year, has questions that are not accurate or are misleading.An example is provided here:
* This sample question offers the following observations, and asks which is scientifically testable.
The petals of red roses are softer than the petals of yel…

My Mission Statement and Statement of Values and Beliefs (Updated)

Mission Statement And Statement of Values and Beliefs by Chris Stanley Ossman
Mission Statement
I believe that the country in which we live currently is not the one the founders of this nation sought or proposed when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.  I believe that our Democracy has been undermined and over-taken by plutocrats who have been reshaping America based on an ideology that only seeks to; further the fortunes of the few, eliminate the will of the majority and segregate us all by the standards that they set regarding an individual’s status. I refuse to allow what has happened, over the past twenty five to thirty years, represent the next few decades.  In this regard, I will fight to usurp the authority of any person group or organization that seeks to do harm, purposefully or accidentally to the United States of America. I am of the belief that those who lead a sovereign nation should hold, above all else, the desire…

Lies, lies, lies, Yeah

I've heard many people say that we should dwell on the past and by the past, I'm speaking about GW Bush. The problem I have with not dwelling on the past is, as the old saying goes, dooming one's self to repeating the mistakes of the past.
    With the presidential election coming up, people need to think about the presidency we got that was based on lies: In the end it was proven that Gore had... won Florida and it was known at the time of the election that the head of the elections board worked on the Bush campaign. And then we got the war in Afghanistan (justifiable) and the war in Iraq (not justifiable) and if you believe Richard Clark, a war that was forced by Bush, based on untruths. So, in 2012, we have the republican candidates for the presidency campaigning on outright lies.     Worst than their falsehoods however is the fact that republican voters don't seem to be outraged by these falsehoods. Instead they seem to be going along for the ride…

As boring as it may be, America will never recover fully without campaign finance reform

It is my fervent belief that the biggest problem facing America today has nothing to to with the economy, nor the environment.  It it not social issues, as most elected republicans and those who hope to be elected are telling us with the laws that they're passing in the states and the rhetoric they use on the campaign trail.  It's not education nor the fact that the United States of America has a broken educational system.  It's not even Wall Street or greedy CEOs who have stolen the futures, dreams and hopes of so many in this country.  Americans have to look more deeply into the source that allows all of these tragedies to occur.

While all of these things do present severe problems that we, as a nation, must overcome before we can consider ourselves on the mend from the greatest recession since the Great Depression, the truth of the matter is that we need to look past them all to get to the root.  We have to stop arguing about oil subsidies versus those for clean energy …