Differences Between Republicans and Democrats

With Obama coming out for gay marriage (sounds kind of funny). Let's look at our choices this November. While I do believe that there are republican leaders who do seek to help people out, I feel that they will never have the support of their party. With this in mind, let's look at how our choice for president should be considered later this year.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to help out the poor, while the republican party says that it wants to cut Medicare, Social Security.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to help out the middle class and the unemployed, while the republican party says that it wants to give more tax breaks to the rich and they want to shorten the time people can claim unemployment benefits.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to help out students, while the republican party says that it wants to double the interest rate on certain student loans.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to increase the number of public sector jobs, while the republican party says that it wants to reduce the size of government. . . Austerity like the plans that have led the UK into a double dip recession and it hasn't help Spain, France or Greece either. But the republican's messiah Paul Ryan is still trying to shove the same bad plan down America's throat.

The democratic party at least says that it supports women's rights, while the republican party tried to repeal the Violence Against Women Act.

The democratic party at least says that it seeks to help immigrants, while the republican party says they should all leave of their own accord. Of course this is an exaggeration, but the sentiment is correct

And now it seems that the leaders of the democratic party say that they believe consenting adults should be able to marry any other consenting adult they love, while the presumptive leader of the republican party says men should one marry women and vice versa.

And then there's A.L.E.C., which is supposed to be a bi-partisan organization, but of its 244 legislators only one was a democrat. A.L.E.C. stands for American Legislative Exchange Council and sounds like a place to buy and sell legislators. The "Bi-partisan" organization is responsible for some of the more radical laws that have infected so many states since their republican Governors took power. If you go to ALECexposed.org, you can find model legislation that in some case was adopted verbatim in several states. This is where the voter suppression bills came from. This is where all of the opposition to unions, the EPA, and a plethora of bad ideas comes from.

In the the past, politicians of both parties have tried to tell the People that the garbage manufacturing plants and refineries spewed into the atmosphere had little to no negative affect on our environment. Why is it that everyone in this country must dispose of their own garbage (waste) or at least have someone else dispose of it, except for corporations? And now, we've got republican governors visiting pink slime factories and eating food with toxic by product fillers in it. Do they think people are stupid, because they don't drop dead immediately? People didn't eat Asbestos, but it sure has killed them. And now they're telling us to ingest food that has to be exposed to ammonia to kill the stuff that would kill us otherwise.

Why is it that the republicans always seem to tell us that everything is good for us. Things like putting a nuclear waste dump over an aquifer that provides 1/3 of the irrigation to crops in North America (Ogallal Aquifer). This was allowed to happen because of donations made to the republican governor of Texas and other republican Texas legislators. And worse still is the same billionaire who made the contributions in Texas is the biggest donor to the republican presidential race, because he hopes to expand the types of nuclear waste his facility can accept.

Now, I believe that neither party is currently solely comprised of people who seek to help the majority, but I fail to see how anyone can vote for a party with the ideas exhibited by the republicans. We need to get rid of most of the GOP and we need to get democrats in office who have both good ideas and can actually deliver their message in a way that connects with the public.

That is why I proposing the Really? Rally. Look it up here: http://im2opinionated.blogspot.com/p/really-rally-what-is-it.html


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