Greed Over People . . . GOP

It seems odd to me that all of those Christian activists (from the 80s) who complained so much about backward, demonic lyrics in rock and roll and rap songs don't seem to have an issue with all of the overt advertisements that tell people to be bad.  It seems quite hypocritical that they took groups like Judas Priest to court over some muddled message that could only be understood if you played the record backwards, but not said a word about advertisements that openly attempt to influence the public.

Think about this:  It is a marketing firms job to get people to believe the message in their commercials and they are advertising bad behavior.  It's not their job to possibly influence behavior or maybe get a few people to lean towards whatever product they're peddling.  It is their job to get as many people as possible to not only buy the product, but to also buy the implied way of life that their product promises . . . and it works.  Otherwise, we would not have lines around the block filled with people hoping to get the new iPhone or sheeple pressed against the doors at Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart on Thankgiving day at 5 pm, 6pm, 6pm, respectively.

To those zealots who thought forcing a vinyl record to play backwards divulged some information that the Devil hoped to impart upon you, get a load of these messages.:

Pop singer Jessie Price made a splash with her song "Price Tag" which contained lyrics such as "It's NOT about the money." and "Ain't about the Cha Chang Cha Chang".  It was a kind of anti-greed anthem for the time.  You can hear these original lyrics at the 43 second mark in the video provided at this link:

I guess Hasbro bought the rights to the song to promote its Monopoly money banking game and this is what they released:

Nice message for a game Hasbro sells to kids.

Now here are some examples of car companies peddling bad behavior that adults should exhibit in order to get what they want:

Now, I'm not religious, but I do believe that certain tenets of religion provide positive messages and are in direct contrasts with the messages advertisers drive down our throats.

What's next?  Maybe someone should promote these kinds of messages instead.


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