Who's policing the police?

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As frustrating as the decision of grand jury in Ferguson was, America must face a much larger issue: An issue that's not only festering, but seems to be metastasizing in large cities around the United States of America.  It is an underlying illness with symptoms that manifest in decisions made by Darren Scott on the day that Michael Brown died, and choices made by George Zimmerman in regards to Trayvon Martin.  Though these acts do warrant reaction(s), they are merely the result of actions taken or lack thereof by our current leadership.

As with any behavior, those bad behaviors that go unpunished might as well be labeled as good behaviors.

  1. When bankers lie and commit fraud to not only enrich themselves, but to also cause harm to others and their punishment is to be allowed to change the laws in such a manner as to legalize their thefts, the majority suffers.
  2. When prison corporations invoke their ability to lobby for laws that legalize a modern slavery as detailed in Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow, humanity is set back by centuries
  3. When the war on drugs kills more people than the war in Iraq does, it should raise questions about who we're fighting, especially when there are cases of innocents being killed in the war on drugs, Austistic kids being setup for trafficking US troops guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan and Afghani opium sales at all time high
  4. This list goes on.
One sad truth about this seemingly immoral, illicit, unjust behavior is that those (leaders) who should care, not only seem not to, but appear to be a part of what I call immoral legality.  And, worst still is the FACT that they (leaders, the rich, corporations) don't even seem to care whether the rest of us know of or understand the malevolence in their actions:  It's as if they believe we are powerless to stop them.

Maybe they're right, because there do seem to be examples of us turning on ourselves.  Remember when the police were given millions from JP Morgan just before attacking Occupy Wall Street protesters and remember when unions (including police unions) were blamed for the bad economy only months before.  Why was it so easy for the police to overlook the fact that Occupy Wall Street protests demands encompassing every demographic (including cops) except the wealthy.

In light of the mounting evidence available online (unjustified cop shootings videos), why should any justified police shooting be considered justified?  If the source is corrupt or appears in any way to be corrupt why would the information that source provides be considered anything other than corrupt? It may also be a good idea for family and friends of policemen, policewomen and soldiers to remind them that they too have family and friends that the elite will demand be put down when people are pushed to the brink of poverty, homelessness and starvation


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