This is what excessive wealth buys

Sheldon Adelson is working on a deal to develop a Las Vegas style gambling center in Spain (called Euro Vegas) where gambling has been banned for moral reasons.  He has already built an similar gambling center in Macau (People's Republic of China),  which helped Adelson build his wealth of approximately $25 billion dollars.  In Macau, his attempts to manipulate the government have drawn scrutiny from federal and Nevada investigators, but this has not deterred him from moving on with his plans for Spain.  Besides being an apparent manipulation of desperate people and countries, doesn't this all seem apocalyptic?  A man with more money than he, his family or generations of his family could ever spend seeks to accumulate even more wealth.  What is the point of his greed?  If Adelson showed an inordinate amount of philanthropy like Charles F. Feeney or even a more modest amount of philanthropy like Bill and Melinda Gates (which is still extraordinary), it would make sense, but this is not the case.

In Spain, Aldeson is only willing to put up 35% of the funding for Euro Vegas.  The country of Spain, which has already had to borrow a lot of money will have to borrow the rest.   Another of Adelson's demands is that the government allow him to bring in foreign workers to build (and possibly operate, his casinos):  In a country where its own citizens have had to turn to cut rate prostitution to make ends meet, does a casino sound like the answer?  Is a world full of Las Vegas' the direction in which mankind should be heading?  Who in their RIGHT mind would think the subjugation of the human race through gambling and other vices the correct path for humanity?  While I may not be a religious person, I am familiar with the stories of the Bible and I know that almost everything Adelson represents is in opposition with Christianity, Judaism and the Muslim faiths and he is not alone.

"Eurovegas" to Drag Spain Out of Crisis – or... by NewsLook

Those who support the ideas of the Republican Party in general and the ideas of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan specifically all seem to oppose the teachings of the three largest religions in the world.  Instead these extremely "successful" individuals have embraced a future where wages for the masses shrink while the cost of living for those same masses increases, a world where not only are housing prices under water, but life itself, is upside down.

The irony to this rationale is that these self-serving, megalomaniacs will have to live in the same world they hope to recreate in their own image(s).  Though these narcissists are no longer anonymous (thanks to the Internet), they believe that the ivory towers that they will have to sequester themselves in will keep them safe from the huddled masses.  In their quest to elevate themselves above the rest of mankind, to become "Gods on Earth", they have failed to realize their mortality.  As their twisted, real-life game of Monopoly unfolds, as they amass all the paper of a potentially useless currency, the world will eventually figure out who is to blame for the Ghetto that our planet will become.

Though Adelson is not alone in his pursuit of absolute power, I singled him out because he is the biggest donor of a party that has abandoned all pretenses of representing anyone other that the wealthiest of our citizens.  Take your pick of superPacs supporting either Democrats or Republicans and do a little research into their backgrounds.  I am biased in favor of the democrats because this party at least promotes ideas that are beneficial to the majority, so I can only provide information about Republican donors who I feel are helping in the destruction of America and the World.

Besides Adelson, we have Texas billionaire Harold Simmons who's been referred to as the king of superfund sites and who has built a nuclear waste dump over the third largest, crop-irrigating freshwater source in the nationThe Ogallala Aquifer, which is big enough to cross eight states now sits under a nuclear dump that Simmons hopes to expand under a Romney Presidency.  Given the poor handling by corporations of man made catastrophes in the Gulf of Mexico and over-land oil pipelines, what human would think it a good idea to put nuclear waste on top of a major supply of freshwater?  Aside from Harold Simmons and other big donors referenced herein, you've got the Koch Brothers, who have meddled in the political affairs of other states and cities to insure outcomes that favor their bottom line and allow them to avoid cleaning up Koch Industry's own waste.  How are Americans okay with this?

On November 6th 2012, the citizens of The United States of America have two, clear and very different paths to choose from:  One is controlled and dominated by big business and even bigger money and guarantees few benefits for most, and the most benefits for the few.  The other path, may not help the country recover fully, but it will keep the doors of sanity open.  One candidate offers a path to prosperity, but only to those lucky few who are already extremely prosperous, while the other candidate offers a more humane way to solve America's problems.  The proof of these claims can be easily discovered with a little research:  All one need do is look into the number and types of donors supporting each man running for president this year.  To better understand the mindsets of the republican presidential ticket and the political party behind it, simply look up Ayn Rand and those politicians who subscribe to Rand's philosophies.  It is in the discovery of this author that one can see and understand the rational behind the platform of the GOP and its hopeful candidate.

And one last note on Aldelson's demands for Euro Vegas:  He is demanding a waiver to Spain's anti-smoking laws.  A minor issue, unless you consider all of the work done to save people from secondhand smoke.


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