No matter what they say

It seems to me that far too many people can't think for themselves or discern when a leader is saying something that would prove detrimental to them.  Whether financially, as in giving tax breaks to the rich and raising the tax burden of everyone else or physical, when saying we need to go to war with more countries, it is quite difficult to understand what it will take for certain voters to understand that the GOP is not their friend, let alone a good source for leaders.  Just look who they have put up as the the leader of the party.  Mitt Romney is running on his management skills, but he can't seem to manage his own campaign.  He can't even seem to "Do no harm.", which is all he should have to do given the state of our economy.  As for his supposed management skills, what has he actually managed?  At Bain, he basically bought companies that other people managed and ran up the debt of those companies that were not managed properly and provided support to those that were managed (by others) properly.  How did he make any of these companies great?  As a matter of fact, his claim of making them great demeans the people who actually did the work and goes against the idea behind the GOP slogan "We Built This".  It is not only Mitt Romney who's serves as proof that the Republican Party has little to nothing to offer most Americans, however.  All one must do to confirm this assertion is look at the other candidates put forth by the GOP:  Gingrich, Santorum, Bachmann, etc.  Still not convinced, look at the polling numbers of the Republican-controlled 112th Congress, Sarah Palin and more.

Those who represent the republican party don't even seem to be able to say things that sound beneficial to most Americans, but somehow they retain followers.  In some way, the people who swear by Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, George W. Bush, exhibit a believe that is similar to the way in which people believe in God.  Could these be the false idols that mankind has been warned against in the scriptures?  I ask this, because, it seems odd to me that so many people are willing to follow a group that seeks to further enrich the wealthy and more so, the super wealthy.  These leaders say that every American has the same opportunities and their constituents believe lies like this which have festered in our country for decades now.  What these faithful don't seem to understand is that the gap between the wealth of the poor, the middle and even the rich and the super rich grows every time their leaders gives tax breaks that inordinately benefit the wealthy.

Even the rich fail to realize that the wealth gap between themselves and the super wealthy is widening:  "Why wouldn't it", I would ask any rich person (but not super rich person) who would argue this point.  The fact that we have billionaires who seek to take away more money from the poor and sick should be proof that these greedy individuals have little to no conscience, so why would they spare anyone who has less than themselves? . . . Take it all, seems to be the mantra of the super rich.  If my logical conclusion to this life-sized game of Monopoly the super elite are playing isn't convincing enough, I would direct them to this article:  super rich get richer while the mere rich get poorer.  I would then point them to my own post from August 19, 2012:  It can't happen to me until it happens to me.

The GOP says that Obama is trying to start a Class War when the truth of the matter is that there has been a Class War for decades.  The wealthy have had the ears of leaders from both parties and the laws reflect this fact.  Look at the way in which all public agencies are being attacked, in favor of privatization: prisons, schools, military supplies, etc.  The laws are being written to help private prison corporations by making everything illegal and extending sentences beyond reasonable periods, Schools are being privatized and the companies seeking to provide education continually get caught cutting corners to the detriment of the students.  As for our military, mission support services are now privatized, but the service provided is not better or cheaper.

The GOP says Obama is a socialist who believes in wealth redistribution, but they fail to point out the the wealth of this nation has already been redistributed:  In the 70's, the 400 richest Americans only had the same amount of wealth as 100 million people, that roughly one third of the nation.  Now, the 400 richest Americans have as much as 150 million of their countrymen and women, that means that half of the nation wealth is in the hands of only 400 people.  From one third to one half is a big redistribution of wealth, if you ask me.  America's not broke, it's broken and the GOP wants to break it even more.

America is in grave danger of becoming the country envisioned by Ayn Rand:  A country where everyone is for no one and sociopaths decide the fate of the United States and it people. 

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