Bill Clinton Summed it Up . . . Perfectly

In November, American voters have a very clear choice. They can either believe the lies from the Republican Party; lies that include the Republican National Conventions slogan "We Built This". They can fall for the misleading ways in which Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and most of the GOP describe their vague plans for the economy, health care, the environment, education, domestic energy, taxes, etc. They could bury their heads in the sand and avoid the fact that the Republican platform this year seeks to repeal Roe V Wade and eliminate birth control, medicare, medicaid, increase the cost of college and cause harm that from which the Middle Class may never recover. They could do all of these things, or they could choose to go in another direction. Americans may be disillusioned with Barack Obama, but this should not be the determining factor in their decision this November. What should decide who they vote for in less than three months is which candidate has the best plan for the future of this country.

If the Republican Party had put forth a reasonable, rational and caring candidate, I would say vote republican, but this is not the case. Republican voters have not been given a single VALID reason to vote for Mitt Romney, at least those republicans who aren't wealthy. Worse still, is the fact that neither Romney nor his party even disguise their plans: They don't deny that they'll lower taxes for the rich; they don't deny that those under 55 years of age will have to find a private insurer that will cover all of their medical expenses in their golden years based upon a limited voucher. They don't deny any of their horrible ideas. Instead, they have misled the people who share their irrational hatred for President Obama and convinced them that our current leader is simply wrong for America.

It is shameful what they have done to their own party, but the greater tragedy will occur if Romney and Ryan get elected to the two highest public offices in the land. America was fortunate to survive the Bush years and it is fortunate to have recovered as much as it has to date, but imagine the hole that Romney has pledged to dig for us with the same architects Bush used at the beginning of this new century. The Republican Party is Toxic to America and needs to be purged of its more extreme representatives, but until such time that those voices that only seem familiar with dissent are gone, America needs to steer clear.

As, for myself, I have become disillusioned with Obama: I feel that too much effort was spent on helping the banks, which are bigger than before, on corporations that have flourished while far too many people have floundered or fallen from the Middle Class to be overly enthusiastic about his first term. Before he even won the first election (2008), I told a close friend that it didn't matter who won (McCain or Obama), neither would win reelection, because Bush had do so much harm that the "Fix" needed would be too great for one term. I explained that the public would lose faith in the president, no matter which party he hailed from and I was correct. The public would have been ready to get John McCain out, just as so many are willing to do to Obama now. The difference in this alternate scenario would have been that the Democrats would have nominated Obama or Clinton or a number of reasonable candidates to replace him. John McCain would be down in the polls, because his opponent would be offering ideas that made sense. What we ended up with is a choice between two men where the republican choice is so bad that the Grand Old Party has resorted to rigging the election through voter suppression and other unpatriotic means. The fact that they don't have enough faith in their own candidate's ability to win over the hearts and minds of the electorate should serve as proof that this party has nothing to offer the public.

If you doubt what I have offered here, let's hear from a man who knows how to run a prosperous America and believes he knows what is required for America to return to prosperity.

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