American Desperation Leads To Nothing Good

With the shooting at the Family Research Council, I feel that we are seeing an initial attack against individuals and organizations that have fought for so long to deny the rights of other people, simply because they do not share the same values or have similar lifestyles.  It seems to me that you can only attack certain groups or people who have divergent beliefs and ideas for so long before those who have been victimized lash out against their tormentors.

Any individual, group or organization that has deemed it their calling to oppose basic rights to any other group, whether they be gay, black, poor or 'other' in any sense of the word, may want to rethink the logic behind their arguments:  First, denying a gay man or lesbian the right to marry shouldn't even be considered a legitimate pursuit when the economy is falling down all around us.  Secondly, how someone lives their life is that person's own cross to bear or gift to share, depending on what part of the country one resides.  And third, in what holy book are the believers supposed to judge a persons worthiness, outside of that individual's belief in their respective religion?  Although I am not especially religious, I was raise in a Christian faith and taught that Christians should all withhold any metaphysical judgements about others, because "judgement" is the providence of God.

As for the attacks that I feel are coming, they will not be exclusive to anti-gay advocates, or groups who seek to intertwine politics with religion, because all of America is becoming more and more frustrated with the various attacks on the rights that no man or woman should have to live without.  Whether it's the right vote or the right to have an abortion, extremists have sought to destroy far too many rights, but only those rights that don't affect them.  As for abortion rights, we've seen far too many doctors murdered in the name of God, to save lives on the unborn.  This fight will be waged long after I've left this world, but I don't think it will always end in the death of some doctor.  People eventually defend themselves.

As for voter's rights, we've only seen the first volley, so impact has yet to be seen or felt, but this, I fear will not be the last we hear of it.  The right will continue to push their lies in attempts to rig our political races, nationwide.  While this is wrong, regardless of the rationale, the fact that those who seek to win by cheating are doing so to enrich themselves and impoverish the majority makes this policy that much more of a pressure cooker.

While I am disillusioned by President Obama, I foresee riots in America's future if Mitt Romney and that Ayn Rand denier, Paul Ryan win in November.  I do not make this statement lightly, because it is all to obvious that Romney and Ryan hope to squeeze more of this country's wealth to the top.  I warned all of my Republican friends about Bush before 2000.  I warned them again in 2004 that "Bush's first term was merely a prelude to how bad it was going to get in America".  And now, I warning as many people as I can that,  Mitt Romney is stacking his prospective administration with those who served President Bush so well, and the rest of America so poorly.

Getting back to the main point of this post, I believe that this country will fall further into an economic hole, because Romney and Ryan allowed more of the economic wealth in this nation to be horded by individuals who cannot match the spending of the middle class and the poor.  And as more people find themselves with nowhere to turn in their greatest time of need, they will turn to those who caused and are the source of their pain and that of their family.

The problem that these leaders and the people who prop them up (millionaires and billionaires) will face in the near future is that they are no longer anonymous.  With the Internet, people can easily find out why there is no money in circulation for jobs, food, mortgages, etc.  Just as the most paranoid amongst us believe that Big Brother is watching us, we are also watching them and there are a lot more of us.

In the recent past, people have gathered to protest the actions of the Koch brothers.

Others are making note of the actions of other Billionaire Republican donors.

Harold Simmons put a Nuclear Waster Dump over the third largest crop irrigation Aquifer in the U.S., the Ogallala. Now he wants to expand the amount of waste his facility can accept. He's backing Romney.

Sheldon Adelson is being investigated by the FBI.  He supports Mitt Romney


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