How cutting entitlements for the poor would affect us all

For anyone who thinks that cutting programs for the poor or, more accurately these days, the working poor, think again. As I drive around town and take note of the various neighborhoods in my city, I can't help noticing that they are all begining to look quite similar; at least in regards to one apesct.

Most neighborhoods have "For Sale" or "Foreclosure" signs in front of far too many homes for anyone to think that the Housing Market has recovered or will recover anytime soon. What this means for the other families in these neighborhoods is that their security is that much more compromised:  More homeless people means more desperate people:  People willing to do whatever it takes to survive. Now, add on top of this growing demographic of Americans who have lost their dreams to one big bank or another:  The poor, or working poor who could lose the assistance that "leaders" like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney seek to take away will have fewer mean with which to survive.  In hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods across the country, the situation goes from depression to outright incendiary.

In Detroit there are neighborhoods that have been impacted to the extent that families move from one foreclosed home to another.  This has become such an issue that the power company in Detroit (I forgot the name) continues to find squatters who have "jumpered" the electric meters for power.  For some children, under the age of ten whose families live in these areas, moving from house to house is the norm.  Imagine that:  This pattern of homelessness has been going on for so long that some kids know no other way of life.

As for how situations like the one faced by inhabitants of Detroit affects the rest of us; get used to bars your windows, for, as more people lose programs like Food Stamps and Welfare, they will consider more drastic measures.  Think about this way:  What would you do if you lost your job, your family home and couldn't even feed your family?  What would you do?


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