Even the CONSCIENTIOUS wealthy don't like the Bush Era tax Cuts

The following is a link to a website in which 100s of millionaires fought to eliminate the Bush era tax cuts.  They claim that they did not want them, did not need them and feel that they are not worth the trouble they have caused for the United States of America.  If the wealthy are aware of the burden that immoral tax cuts place on our economy, why are the Republicans trying to force them on the country.  Please take a look at this site and understand that the "Rich people are NOT the cause of a robust economy, they are the result of a robust economy".  My friends, the rich realize that a country of poverty is not a country to be proud of and no country to live in, no matter how much wealth one has (just pick any country where the wealth is consolidated at the top and determine whether this fits into the American dream:


This second link is to a video that several millionaires put together to dispute Republican claims of the wealthy desiring and needing tax cuts.


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