Go Bama!

I for one cannot wait to hear the State of the Union address. Although I had my doubts about the effectiveness of the Obama administration, I can feel the optimism I felt when he was first elected seeping back into my psyche. It could be that fact that I have found work (albeit) temporary that is fitting of my education and experience, but I believe that it goes deeper than that. Although I am still suspicious of the motivations of our elected officials, I think that enough of them are trying to do what's best for our nations population. That being said, I continue to wonder what the GOP expected to accomplish with their symbolic vote to repeal the Healthcare Act. Republican arguments fly in the face of logic, which dictates that for our country to be strong, its citizens must be strong. America needs the support of Americans and it will only get that support if its inhabitants are happy, healthy and well-represented. For those who oppose these "mandates", whether overtly or not, the next two years will shed light on true nature. If these subversive entities or individuals continue on their current path, the people of the United States will eventually hold you accountable for your actions. If an Autocratic government like Tunisia can be overthrown, imagine what a population that has political freedom can do in 2012. Dissatisfaction with the Healthcare Act does not translate into a mandate to repeal it when there is no way in which to this will happy.
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