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Going for Mediocrity, originally posted on June 26, 2010

Is it just me or does mankind seem to only be going for 'silver' as in humans seem to be content with finishing second or, in other words, we seem to be content with doing just enough to get by:  Corporate leaders seem to do just enough to make their  lives easier, politicians seem to do just enough to get elected.  And if these are the leaders of our planet, imagine how the rest of us underachievers are just skating by through life.  When I was a kid, I imagined that we would have flying cars like the Jetson's and bullet trains like the Japanese and the world in general would be a better place to live, but has this ideal future come to pass.  In my opinion, no and I believe that greed is at the root of our slow development, but it is not the reason.  The reason in my eyes is that, people seem to be content with being lead down the dark path on which we currently find ourselves.  Mega-companies get sympathy for being chastised when they create disasters,  Banks get money when they cause the collapse of the economy, which I would okay with if once restored, the economy was adjusted accordingly to avoid such calamities in the future, but have we seen this?  Banks chug along getting wealthier, by gambling the money that intended to bail them out of the bad debts that they created in the first place.  And if the prisons for crimes committed by white collar felons are as nice as I've heard then where is the real deterrent?  As for our leaders, why are we in a war based on lies, while those who spread the lies are out free and probably even richer because of the lies they told.  I thought there were laws that make it illegal to be compensated for crimes committed.  Why isn't lying about the reasons for war a felony?  And why isn't the fact that the catalyst for war being used as justification to get out of said war, which by the way has cost almost as much as the value of our national deficit.  Now, I know that this next bit of information may sound a little off and it is, but does anyone else out there find it peculiar that the cost of the war has always matched the cost of some other catastrophe.  A few examples are as follows:  The war in Iraq hit the 200 billion mark just when Katrina caused an estimated 200 billion in damage;  the TARP money was 700 billion, just as the war in Iraq reached 700 billion dollars and now our deficit is 1.6 trillion dollars and the war is at 1.3 trillion dollars.  Not that I think any of this is planned or thought out, but I think that KARMA is a bitch!


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