Health Care Reform

Now that the Health Care Reform Bill has been passed,
I couldn't help but notice how many Republicans have
been screaming for its repeal. This, to me, is a sign
that Obama is onto something that might actually benefit
the people of the United States. I would actually be
more concerned if the GOP agreed with this plan, because
during the Bush administration, I got the sinking
feeling that the government didn't necessarily have my
best interests at heart. Between the war in Iraq; the
response to hurricane Katrina and the shambles in which
GW left the economy, I can't understand how anyone could
believe otherwise. Of course, those proponents of Bush
will claim that, no single man or administration could
be to blame for the economy all while blaming Obama and
the current administration for the failed banking system
and the injustices committed on wall street. What is
also odd to me, is that many of the changes presented
in the HCR bill were originally presented by Republicans
who, in some cases signed these ideas into law in their
respective states. The stench coming from D.C. is
strong but America must have a severe head cold,
because no one seems to be able to detect the
pungent smell of hypocrisy.

God Bless You America


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