Parts of this multi-part part short story will be added periodically until the tale is complete.

Choices by Chris Ossman

Part Six - The Conclusion (Posted July 11, 2010)

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Smiling, Lou interrupted.

"That was no dream you ruthless little devil, you."

Feeling quite uneasy about the situation, I squinted my eyes, and flexed the muscles in my jaw.

"What the hell is going on here?" I said.

"I told you that I had proof of God's existence, and I do. Those stories were just to keep the records straight. Everyone is required to hear them before they make their choice."

Confused, I asked.

"So now you're going to tell me that God sent you to test me, or that you are God himself? Come on Lou, you probably drugged me or something, but anyway, let's get on with the proof. Tell me, why should I believe in God! Are you God Lou?.."

As soon as the words escaped, I realized my mistake. This man had no proof of God's existence. He was not hear to provide any such thing. Instead, he smiled broadly, revealing jagged teeth hadn't notice until now, and said.

"I'm not God silly, but you should have believed in him."

No one ever heard from me again.



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