Ideas to Provide Local Support for the Coming Demostrations to Win Back Our Democracy

Some Ideas to Wrest the American democracy from control of corporations and the elite.


1) Build a network of local and small businesses through the following:
A) Build network of consumers who need the products or services of local businesses: This has the effect of creating demand for the business, while building trust and loyalty from the business.
I) Advertise: local newspapers (The Penny Saver, The Miami Herald, etc.)
II) Word of mouth of those members of the organization, employees (this could serve as their 1 hour of donated time) (To Regain American Democracy)

B) Require 10% of the profit (once the demand increases: A baseline needs to be established prior to committing to providing support)

2) Identify, Target and Hold accountable the elite and corporate leaders (the “job creators”)

3) Start community farms:
A) These mini farms can be planted on small plots that homeowners are willing to plant gardens in and can rec…

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